Stem Cell Harvesting Method and 3D printing

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Stem Cell Harvesting Method and 3D printing

Postby ventersl » Sun Mar 29, 2015 8:14 am

I am not part of the medical fraternity but I have a specific interest in stem cell research and therapy. I have read up on harvesting methods for stem cells and designed, developed and will soon be manufacturing a stem cell harvesting tool. Pluripotent, 'clean stem cells' (meaning that no DNA is written on the stem cells) may be harvested from menstrual blood. I believe there will be less legal restrictions on this harvesting method. I am interested in more research and progress made on stem cell research and would like to ensure that my product will comply with the real needs of researchers and medical- and biological- or biochemical practitioners.

On 3-D printing and Stem Cell technology: Are there more research done in SA where limb replacement and stem cell technologies are used ?
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